Welcome to Hive DRIP coin!

What is Hive DRIP coin?

DRIP is a crypto-coin on the HIVE blockchain that invests into GameFI projects, basically projects that combine gaming with blockchain technology. We believe this will be one of the top growth areas in all of crypto over the next 5-10 years.

Investment Thesis

DRIP pays daily rewards in the native token on hive-engine and plans to increase payouts on a monthly basis. We prioritize smart, systematic, high-growth opportunities bringing the rewards back to token holders.


The initial mint is 1,000,000 tokens with a maximum that can’t ever exceed 1 Billion. Token sales are set up in tranches, with each tranche increasing in price. Please see the Whitepaper for full details.

Purchase Tokens

Tokens can be bought directly from hive-engine https://tribaldex.com/trade/DRIP or https://hive-engine.com

Latest Posts

Follow along for all the latest posts on PeakD here: https://peakd.com/@hivedrip

Don’t Have a Hive Account?

You can get a free HIVE keychain wallet here: https://hiveonboard.com?ref=hivedrip

This is also a good resource for different options to sign up for a HIVE wallet: https://signup.hive.io/

You can also join Splinterlands.com and Buy a spellbook and you will have a HIVE account. This is needed to play the game anyways so is another option.

Once you have a HIVE account, you’ll want to download the Hive Keychain browser addon, it’s for PC or mobile. On mobile you’ll just use the built-in mobile browser to securely and quickly sign in to HIVE websites.