You may have heard the famous quote from Albert Einstein: “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it… he who doesn’t, pays it.” With backgrounds in actuarial science, economics and computer science we understand this “power” that can provide exponential growth.

What is DRIP? The DRIP coin is a crypto-coin on the Hive blockchain. In traditional finance DRIP stands for Dividend ReInvestment Plan. Typically this involves buying stocks that pay dividends and allowing those dividends to “drip” or purchase additional shares which compound your returns. The idea of DRIP coin stemmed from our passion for crypto and over 20 years experience successfully investing into dividend growth companies in traditional finance.

What is the purpose of DRIP? The purpose of DRIP is to invest its funds into GameFI projects, mainly on the HIVE blockchain. GameFI is just a segment within the decentralized finance (DEFI) ecosystem that combines gaming and blockchain technology. The tokens earned will be partly reinvested and partly paid back out to holders of the DRIP token. This allows us to grow the payouts into perpetuity. The token can be purchased directly from hive-engine here: Buy DRIP.

Investment thesis / Differentiation Smart, consistent investments are the key to growth of the project. Compared to other projects I’ve seen we aim to be extremely transparent. Hive DRIP plans to release financial updates regularly so you will know what’s being invested in and the performance of these investments. Hive DRIP will seek to pay out more of its earnings while trying to grow as quickly as possible. Hive DRIP will pay out daily rewards in the native token on hive-engine, swap.hive. Our goal is to increase the payout per token each month.

80-90% of initial funds from market sales will be invested into the Hive ecosystem of GameFI projects. 10% of funds are planned to be invested into the Hive stablecoin, HBD. Noteworthy projects include but are not limited to Splinterlands, Genesis League Sports, WOO, Astral Revelations, Rising Star, Muterra, Serfdom & Sorcery. These funds will be put to work in Liquidity Pools (LP’s), Token Staking, Node Licenses, NFT’s, NFT rentals and partnerships that have a high likelihood for success.

Our goal is to become a sucessful, high-growth and very diversified project.

Tokenomics The maximum total supply of DRIP tokens will never exceed 1,000,000,000.

The initial mint will be 1,000,000 tokens distributed as follows:

SourceTokens% of TotalRelease Schedule
Market Sales (hive-engine/tribaldex)500,00050%Purchased over 36 months
Team90,0009.00%Distributed over 36 months
Partners / Advisors10,0001.00%Distributed over 36 months
Staking / LP / Rewards / DAO400,00040.00%Issued over 36 months
Total Amount1,000,000100%

The primary goal of the token is to reward the loyal holders that have invested and to grow their payouts significantly over time. The assets will be jointly owned by all token holders.

We plan to sale 20,000 of the initial mint of tokens on the market starting at 1 swap.hive. The only way to earn right away will be to purchase directly from hive-engine or tribaldex here: https://tribaldex.com/trade/DRIP

9% of tokens are reserved for the owners of the project which will be distributed evenly over 36 months.

1% of tokens are reserved for special partners who will work with the Team to help with marketing/advertising/IT.

40% of the tokens are reserved for LP’s and/or Staking rewards or other types of future rewards deemed essential. We plan for staking rewards to be paid out over 36 months with majority delivered first year. The staking rewards will start sometime within the first three months from launch.

Launch Once the token launches, funds will be collected and started to deploy into projects. The plan is to start payout of rewards 2 days after launch date. Rewards will be daily. There will be a tranche discount starting on launch day with the largest discount during the pre-sale period with each additional tranche increasing in price. Future tranches and staking rewards will be decided during 5th tranche of sale and top holders will be able to help with decision making. We will never sell tokens cheaper than a previous tranche to protect the value of our coin.

TrancheTokens% of TotalCost
Pre-sale / 1st Tranche<20,0004%1.0 Swap.Hive
2nd Tranche20,001 < 50,0006%1.25 Swap.Hive
3rd Tranche50,001 < 120,00014%1.50 Swap.Hive
4th Tranche120,001 < 250,00026%1.75 Swap.Hive
5th Tranche250,001 < 500,00050%2.0 Swap.Hive

Staking Rewards Staking rewards are targeted to start one month after initial sales launch. The rewards are given in additional DRIP tokens. Your DRIP tokens will need to be staked to earn staking rewards but will still earn swap.hive daily either way. Staking rewards will be .25% daily over the first year, a 149% APY. The unstaking of DRIP tokens will require 4 weeks with 25% unstaked each week.